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Well we’ve officially begun our trip.  We’ve been sailing for over a month, but it wasn’t until we left BC that we felt like we were traveling.  Sailing around Vancouver Island is not something to be lightly dismissed.  We have been told on many occasions by other sailors, who have done what we are planning to do and much more, that the best, most beautiful, cruising grounds in the world are on the BC coast.  However, like any pimply teenagers who take their hometowns for granted, we could not feel as excited about sailing around our own backyard, in all its splendour, as we do leaving the relative comfort of our known territorial waters.

We are currently in Eureka, CA after sailing 100 straight hours from Ucluelet.  The sail down was exciting, challenging, exhausting, a bit scary and overall a great experience for us.  It was the culmination of much of our planning and preparations and the education we have been undertaking for the last two years.  We’re still processing this last week of our sailing careers and will be posting about it in the near future…as soon as our hands stop shaking. But our trip really began when we left our home slip in Vancouver and so the next few posts are based on the journey to get to this point.

Studying for the exam
Studying for the exam

I usually hate it when a story begins part way through and then recounts what happened previously.  It seems remedial for some reason.  However, we learned a lot in the last few months during our preparations out of the water and in the trip up the coast and around the Island and the story wouldn’t be complete without recounting some of the highlights (or lowlights as the case often was).  So to start from the beginning…



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  1. Kirsten Ponza
    September 17, 2015

    Let us know if you’re in the neighborhood! 8313315491.

  2. Norm Marcoux
    September 17, 2015

    Hi Robin and Fiona

    I will be living vicariously through your blog. If you recall on one of your visits to our landbased abode, I mentioned that my dream was to sail around the world. You are living my dream as well as yours. Truly envious! Looking forward to your future posts.
    With love.

  3. Jean Baillargeon
    September 17, 2015

    Hey guys,

    Nice posts… thanks for those. Great to hear you’re making way so quickly. Can wait to read about the passage down to Eureka… As I understand you left from Ucluelet, right ?? What prompted that choice? Weather window? Fair winds.

  4. Barb
    September 24, 2015

    Love hearing of your adventures so far. Enjoy!

    • admin
      October 2, 2015

      Thanks so much for the kind words Barb!

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