Taking back Cabo

Our surprise romance with Cabo.

Never in a million years would I have expected to enjoy Cabo. The waterfront is littered with red how to enjoy cabofaced and beer-bellied tourists, fraternity brothers on the prowl, and brides-to-be puking up their margaritas in back alley-ways. At first glance, it was not our kind of place but we’d just spent seven days at sea and so were more than happy to overlook these shortcomings and drop our anchor for a few days. Little did we know we’d end up staying for a whole month.

Cabo rock climbing

Our first happy discovery was Lover’s beach. Lover’s Beach is right where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean and is only accessible by boat. 2-3 ft waves crash onto the landing site forcing us to time the waves and surf the dinghy in. After one rather wet crash landing, a local helped us drag the dinghy up on the shore, exclaiming “Welcome to Mexican parking!”

Strange granite rock formation stretch out across the beach. On our first visit we noticed bolts in the rock so the next time we brought ropes and scrambled around a bit. It wasn’t the nicest climbing, pretty crumbly rock, but trying to find and set routes made for a fun beach day.

On the other side of Lover’s Beach is Divorce Beach – perhaps named for the turbulent Pacific waves that could wash you away in a heartbeat. One evening we were hanging out on the beach, long after the last boatful of tourists had departed, and came across two skin boarders. These teenage boys were throwing themselves at 10ft overhead waves, getting maybe a10 second ride before being hurled off their board and thrashed around in the surf.

Aside from the beach our days were spent walking the town, well back and away from the waterfront crowds. We spent many afternoons in the Cabo Cafe drinking lattes anHow to enjoy Cabod writing articles. Sometimes Robin would go to the local basketball court to shoot hoops.
When we weren’t working we would leave the boat anchored, and rent a car for mini excursions. One weekend we went to a music festival at the Hotel California in Todos Santos, the next surfing and camping in Los Cerritos.

It’s funny what makes a place an enjoyable stay. Cabo was a good reminder that when travelling you really do make your own fun.


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